PRACTICING journalists in Akwa Ibom state council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) are now more than determined to elect their true, honest, transparent and accountable leadership for the union come August 1, 2016.

Therefore, as the watchdogs of the society, we will be failing on our duties if we allow money bags and politicians to hijack the process of giving the union a focused and a responsible chairman devoid of any leaning and/or sentiment.

It is our collective responsibility to search and restore the lost glory of the union; it is our avowed onus to search for the soul of our battered image as professionals in a union called NUJ.

No PRACTICING journalist in the state should allow him/herself to be flattered and/or carried away by any self-acclaimed “performance” of any individual(s) seeking your vote into any office in the August 1 poll.

Journalists are great people with the ability to analyse issues and events, this is the time of reckoning; the time to analyse and x-ray the best individuals for the respective leadership position of the NUJ; the time to ask questions, get answers and scrutinise the scorecards of the aspirants coming before you for vote.

I urge all qualified and PRACTICING journalists in Akwa Ibom state to use their radar while, beaming their eagle eyes on those seeking to lead the union in the next three years; it is also our duty to monitor every process leading to the elections.

We cannot be doing it for political parties and for politicians in the macro Nigerian politics but, choose to shy away from our in-house elections that will produce the union’s leadership.

NUJ election is strictly the business of only qualified and PRACTICING journalists, therefore, I would advise blackmailers, quacks, infiltrators, and freelancers who by act of omission or commission get involved in the union’s activities to please keep off from the pathway of the search team. We must redeem NUJ and now is the time.

Soon, and we mean very soon, we will separate the boys from the men; the quacks from the real journalists in Akwa Ibom state council of NUJ and by then, our image shall be restored.

Let the search continue.

Barka de Sallah!

Franklyn Isong is a journalist and public affairs commentator.


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