After Lagos, Uyo in Akwa Ibom State is arguably the next city in NIGERIA with very strong print media presence. over 100 newspapers domicile in Uyo the state capital, and in elections period the numbers soars high to almost 150 print medium.

But adversely, this feat seem not to be a blessing to the state. To say the least, the media in the state constitutes a thorn in the flesh of political Exposed Persons. Negative reportage, yellow journalism, unbalanced reporting remains the the order of the day here.

A case in sight is the vindication of Rt.Hon Sam Ikon after proper investigations into the sex scandal that was on the neck of three federal legislators accused wrongly by the American Ambassador to Nigeria.

Today at RADAR NEWSPAPERS office, we played host to SAM IKON who was appreciative of RADAR NEWSPAPERS for making efforts to hear his side of the story and painstakingly following up all sides of the story till the end.


(Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon (left) flanked by the publisher of Radar newspaper, Franklyn Isong while fielding questions from staff of Radar newspaper)

IKON Expressed shock at the level of sensationalism and bias reportage given the issue by the MEDIA in Akwa Ibom to the point of falsely reporting that his wife left him because of the accusation, putting his image and family in bad light.

Also in focus is the expression of sadness by Gov. Udom Emmanuel at the Ibom Airport today over newspaper reports emanating from UYO few days ago that the government House (HILLTOP MANSION) was invaded by the ex-militants, when in reality, none of the protesting youths/ex-militants even approached the government House gate.

The media here inflames negative stories with such unimaginable passion which most times becomes albatross to the realization of truth.

Politically Exposed Persons are in perpetual danger of image and character assassination, while the gullible populace are misled by the very people they rely on for information.Just take a walk down to Ibom Plaza any morning and see the number of people feasting on garbage churned out by indecorous editors, at the expense of societal growth and development.

This gives me encouragement to study Development Journalism in my masters programme because for me the continuous barbaric portrayal of our society and leaders in bad light tantamount to giving red card to would-be investors.

Fellow media practitioners please let’s remember that we are not partisan politicians, hence we cant continue to write with hatred. Lets protect the dignity of our profession and society and lets stop fighting against our society.




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