The founder of Akpabiosm, a philosophy that propagates the ideology of former Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio, which has an imposing office building along Airport Road, Uyo, today, paid an unscheduled advocacy visit to the publisher and editorial team of Radar newspaper, in the paper’s corporate office, Uyo.

Pastor James, who used the visit to throw more lights on the forthcoming National Youths Impact Conference in Abuja, stated that the confab would hold strategically in Enugu for South-East people; Lagos for South-West people; Kaduna for the people of the North; and Uyo for South-South people.

He also has this to say about Radar newspapers; “This is another thing I want people to understand. It is not because you (referring to the publisher, Franklyn Isong) are my brother; I have seen something in you. I have followed you in the past two years. You are consistent in your conviction. I like men that have capacity. I like intelligent people. I like men that are focused. It is not about Radar newspaper. I have a newspaper before; it’s about you, Franklyn Isong.

“Martin Luther King talked about the content of character. It is the content of the character that I look at for. So, your newspaper has a drive and a good mission. You understand the minds of the people; you understand the market forces; you understand the people; and you have determination at the back of your mind.

“I see that you are a go-getter, not just in the media but, in whatever you set out to do; and I know that sooner than later, the world would be in your hand. So keep being focused; keep the drive.

“What makes people fail to succeed is hunger for money. Most people look for money and forget about the content. But once you have the content, money drives to your location.

“Once there is a brain and a good product, you become a good market for people to come after. But, if you have a bad good, no matter how you are hardworking, you can’t sell it. So for you, you are a good market and Radar newspaper is a good brand; people will always come for your products. Congratulations.”

The details of Pastor Bassey James’ advocacy visit would be published on next Monday edition of Radar newspaper, don’t miss it!



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