The member representing Uyo state constituency and Chairman, Committee on Health, Mr Monday Eyo, a co-sponsor of the Real Property Charge Bill has joined his colleagues to disassociate himself from the Bill while speaking to Radar newspaper.

His words; “Yes indeed, I was a co-sponsor of the Bill, but that Bill has generated a lot of issues in the state. I was co-opted in to be a co-sponsor of the Bill. But the bill has generated a lot of issues in my constituency to be precise.

“I was elected to protect the masses; the people of Uyo, if you check pages of newspapers and internet you will see that the Bill has generated a lot of problems. I have received several text messages on the Bill, and since I was elected by the people, I have to listen to their voices, I cannot be a party to it. I dissociate myself from the Bill.

“I can’t be a representative of the people and they are against the Bill and I go and do something else, so I have to listen to them, so I disassociate myself from the bill,” he noted.


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