A Toast To Grace Akpan, Deputy Director, Ministry of Information and Strategy

Hello Sister Grace,

Of all comments trending on my timeline with respect to the discourse of the radio debate between me and your boss, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy on the People’s Parliament of Planet 101.1 FM, last Friday, yours are the most silly, childish and uneducated, I have read so far.

Even though, as a policy, I do not join issues or react to comments on my social media posts, but because you have so repeatedly displayed high level of sycophancy on my timeline, in your desperate attempts to please your boss, the commissioner, thus; you are entitled to the following responses:

1. As a deputy director in the ministry of Information and Strategy, who rode on the platform of sycophancy, you should have known or ought to have known that your boss, Mr Charles Udoh, is just a MERE SERVANT to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State – who is the CHIEF SERVANT – to Akwa Ibom people. And not my master as you erroneously believed or made to believe.

2. That you were appointed as the acting Head of Strategy department in the Ministry of Information and Strategy over and above your seniors in the same ministry, as a compensation for your sycophancies, is not a licensed to extend such trade to members of the public, whose tax monies are used to pay your salaries and other entitlements.

3. Granted, you have every right to hero-worship the Commissioner -who is your immediate boss in office, to the high heaven. But stop dancing naked in public and disgracing womanhood. For God sake, try to show some level of decorum, while carrying out your trade of praise-singing in public. And bet me, you will still get his attention. After all, politicians enjoy sycophancy and you are not the only known sycophant in Akwa Ibom public service, as at today.

4. You ought to know that the Governors, commissioners and all public officeholders anywhere in the world are servants of the people. Thus; they are accountable to the people they are serving, and that includes my goodself. And, nowhere in the world that servants are bigger than their masters. It will do you better to get this message right into your skull.

5. It is our tax monies that are being used to pay you -Grace Akpan, and your boss, the Commissioner, so stop exhibiting idiosy in public space and allow him answer questions about the government, and prove his worth.

6. Finally, your godfather, the Information Commissioner, had while on air, on the said programme, protested that he was not “PROPERLY” briefed about the nature of the radio programme he was invited to feature.
Assuming his claims were right, but as the Chief Information Officer of the Udom Emmanuel’s government, if he was abreast with information of activities of his government, that he wasn’t “properly” briefed by the anchor of the programme or management of the radio station would not have been a BIG issue for him as he presented. After all, he is the Chief Image Maker of this government, and should have been prepared at all times to offer information about the government and answer questions where necessary.

Therefore, it is most unfortunate for the image of Akwa Ibom State Government that her Chief Information custodian chickened out of a mere Radio debate that would have marketed the government to the people of the state.

*Franklyn Isong is a public affairs commentator


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