With the recent activities in Libya, a country  in the Maghreb region of North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south and Algeria and Tunisia to the west, it can be inferred that the different fights by the elites during the colonial era to stamp out slave trade in the continent, liberate from the shackles of colonialism and usher the continent to the path of self government cum actualization was in vain.

In my analysis of who is to be blamed for the overzealousness of youth and insensitivity of government to better the lots of the citizenry, I will try as much as possible to be fair to all the parties involved in our society, saddled with different responsibilities of making life meaningful for all and sundry.

I am not a proponent of idleness and can never support laziness. It is disturbing that many youth in Nigeria are jobless and seem unperturbed. Discussions among the youth is always heralded by feelings of disappointments, anger and frustration over the way our political class has so rubbished the system that the sole occupier is how to leave the shores of this country for greener pastures elsewhere not even minding the kind of menial jobs they are subjected to. 

The issue at hand bothers on reports that hundreds of African refugees and migrants passing through Libya were bought and sold into slavery. People will ask why Libya again but the answer is simple. Libya has long been a major transit hub for migrants trying to reach Europe which has left many dead while attempting to cross the Mediterranean in rickety boats or falling prey to serious abuse at the hands of traffickers and others.

Despite these dehumanizing experiences, youth still embark on this suicidal mission, leaving many to wonder at the the desperation and quest for greener pastures in Europe.

In as much as governments in Africa have not done enough to alleviate poverty in their respective countries, it is not a cogent reason why the youth should be so desperate and allow themselves to be driven by the urge to travel to Europe where they are subjected to all manner of treatment viz: drug trafficking, prostitution, sex work among others.

Why would anyone be engulfed by such thoughts that once you travel out of the country he will become a multi millionaire over night? Without being hasty, I will say it is laziness, greed and avarice that will make a youth especially the uneducated to move around with such notion.

Let us not forget that it is the duty of every responsive government to cater for the welfare of the citizenry. But in our case, the government hasn’t done enough to better the lots of her citizens which makes this factor referral.

Since the Libyan issue came on board, the National Assembly in Nigeria both the Upper and Lower houses, have blamed the situation on the youth vis-a-vis laziness, greed, desperation e.t.c while those in opposition have pointed out system failure as well as the thick skin of the government to provide quality leadership for her populace as the reason.

Tackling this migrant problem that Libya is at the epicenter, requires the collective collaboration of governments in Africa, while countries on their own should make life meaningful for her citizens through the provision of jobs, infrastructure and basic needs that makes life enjoyable.

On the part of the youth, such notions that have occupied their psyche should be discarded, they should engage themselves in meaningful ventures. Agriculture pays these days, hence the youth should embrace it while on their part, government should provide young farmers with the necessary equipment to make them self reliant. By so doing, the quest for greener pastures abroad that has led to stereotyping in Africa will be reduced to the barest minimum if not completely wiped out.

By Izuchukwu Nwokoma


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