It has come to my notice, that some Akwa Ibom State PDP chieftains allegedly met recently, and hatched a plot to prompt the State Government, to offer me a financial inducement to quit my bid for the Governorship in 2019; on the strength of their conception that I am the biggest threat to his second term ambition.

I would ordinarily dismiss this as one of PDP’s ‘fraudulent antics’; save for the wisdom and pertinence in alerting the government and people of what has now become a familiar trend in PDP’s political desperation. The point would be better illustrated and appreciated, beginning from the following narrative.

I began the opposition struggle in 2009, in ACN, and later, APC in 2014; and made bids in 2011 and 2015, for the Governorship.In the first, the PDP-led State Government under Governor Godswill Akpabio, framed and charged me with Treason, Murder, Arson, etc; but lost their bid to convict me, to the courts which quashed the charges; acquitted, and discharged me. In the second, the government in concert with compromised security agencies, corruptly manipulated the voting process against me.

Apart from physical opposition, PDP agents have routinely alleged the falsehoods that I am secretly working for the PDP, and would always receive monetary ‘settlements’ to abandon my political bids and my supporters.

Now, I wish to state unequivocally, that there is not a modicum of truth to all the claims against me. I have never worked for the PDP since 2009 when I left the Party, and have always contested elective offices with the peoples interests in mind; and pursued my bids with resolute zeal. I’m not in politics to make money, because I am comfortable, and by God’s grace, contented.

Those who spin and circulate falsehoods to impugn my integrity, are afraid of me; and deliberately employ this tactic to discredit me; shred my support base; frustrate my political career; and of course, earn a filthy fee for the dubious effort.

I am in for the battle of the governorship as I am to reclaim the soul of our Party from pretentious elements who will never truly work for the Party’s interests. These people also know that I intend to pursue an agenda to liberate the people from them, because I am different from them. The fact that they don’t want this, fuels them to rabid desperation.

I therefore advice His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, to treat anybody or any group of people who approach him on behalf of my rescinding my decision to contest for the Governorship of the State in 2019 on any grounds, as fraudsters. His Excellency should concentrate on the demands of his office as Governor; and expect re-election or rejection at the polls, on the strength of his first-term assessment; while I will contest against him (God-willing), on the strength of my contributions to Akwa Ibom State and its people.

I wish to remind the good people of our dear State that I have always been on their side. I was in the forefront of the vanguard that resisted kidnapping, murders, and other violent crimes perpetrated against opposition-Party members in the State between 2007 and 2015, and suffered greatly for my stance. But then, I remain unbowed, and even more resolute to win their mandate in 2019, and attempt to rebuild a society which will never again permit or tolerate a repeat of such ungodly inhumanity amongst brothers.

I promise the good people of our State that I will invoke the same considerations which propelled me into my efforts at credible representation, especially in the context of Boundary-Dispute Resolution; the negotiation of a political solution to Resource Control; the execution of vibrant Constituency projects, and initiatives at people-empowerment, etc, to guide me to even greater projects and achievements in office as Governor from 2019.

I also assure the people that I will lead the charge to restore our dear State to God, to be led by His precepts. No more shall evil rule, or its precepts be reeled out from any altars in our State. I am committed to industrial development; creation of jobs for the teeming youths; arresting the levels of poverty and clueless ignorance amongst our youths; redirecting our youths along avenues of meaningful self-sustenance, and productivity; and ensuring that our State is exalted in righteousness, and not the opposite.

While I earnestly seek your partnership in this demanding effort, I pray that God should bless us all, and help us to work in concert, to reposition our State for greater fulfilments and achievements from 2019 onward.

God bless you all.

Senator John J. Akpanudoedehe, Ph.D.

March 24, 2018


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