Some days back (precisely on his birthday), I put up a post and recalled an event in 2007 when Obong Nsima Ekere, a co-aspirant for the office of the Gov of our state, picked up my campaign bill of N200,000.00. To him, the race was just a game between brothers where only one of us could win, and was therefore not worth the acrimonies. To many, it was a disappointment for him, as an aspirant, to enhance the fortunes of another aspirant in anyway.

He has done it again!

When I had the rare privilege to be chosen to partner with the Federal Government on the Pilot Social/Affordable Housing Estate in Nigeria, it was more than a dream come true. As at then, I was just another son of Akwa Ibom State with no political encumbrances.

Obong Nsima, learning of the project, thought it would be great to enhance the project as it would benefit the people of the state, and highlight this special undertaking of Mr President.

To many, his promise was seen as a ploy to lure me into APC. He did mention the idea but I pleaded to maintain my non-partisan status, and he respected my position.

As the actualisation of the promise dragged, many that knew of the promise swore to high heavens that it would not happen. I asked him about it on some occasions and he maintained that it was going through administrative due process.
When I eventually indicated my interest to contest the office of the governor of the state recently, to virtually everyone, it was the final nail on the coffin of his promise. It sounded reasonable to so assume.

For whatever it was worth, I brought up the matter with him after I declared. To my pleasant surprise, he smiled and said “Aniekan, just relax! That project is for my people. Besides, you are not just a friend, you are my brother”. By the way, he’s never calls me Ezekiel or Nya-Etok, but Aniekan. Why? Must you know everything!

Though I did not doubt him, I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had made good his promise by ensuring that all processes were followed through to the point of the project being advertised for awards.

For a man to put the ultimate good of his people far and above his personal ambition is something that must be commended. It definitely speaks volumes of his person and character.

What makes this more ‘touching’ to me is the extent to which I have begged to be paid for the professional service I rendered in the last administration, which Governor Udom Emmanuel has treated with the worst ignominy -notwithstanding that I was one of his greatest advocates, and have since NEVER approached him for any form of appointment nor project patronage (Contract).

His close aide once confided in me to declare my political support for him again and get paid. Should this be his true position, then it would be most unfortunate and sad -to say the least.

Once again, like Obong Nsima has just done, I pray that we see Public Office as a privilege to render service to the people and not an opportunity to advance personal interest.

Obong Nsima , my sincere appreciation, and may your good works speak for you where it matters.

As concerning 2019 Governorship of our state, as Christians we know better that the answer is in the hands of our Almighty God.

My sincere prayer is that we will come to terms with what we profess, that power belongs to God, and that the choice of who the next governor of the state will be, come 2019, is ultimately and exclusively God’s prerogative. Consequent upon the above, that we will be so mindful, and comport ourselves in a manner that engenders brotherhood while putting no mother’s child in harm’s way in the name of politics.

Again and again Obong Nsima, you earned my respect, Sir.

Arc(Otuekong) Nya-Etok Ezekiel.
For AKS Gov 2019
YDP (Young Democratic Party)


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