Itoro Lawrence is a voice you would love to listen to, whenever you tune in to the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Radio station.

It has been awhile, I have not heard Itoro on air, so, today, Monday, October 7, 2019, I decided to engage her privately in a chat to find out how she is doing.

Itoro Lawrence has a life threatening sickness. She had been battling with it. Please read her story, SHARE it to other platforms. We need donations to save her life. No amount is too small to keep her alive. God bless you. ~ Franklyn Isong.


By Itoro Lawrence

I am Itoro Lawrence Akpan, a Nigerian Gospel music artiste and Broadcaster with the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC). I contacted polio at the tender age of 2. I strive to live a normal life until 2016

I struggle daily to cope in a world of the able-bodied, in spite of the many obvious challenges I face. I am a graduate of French Language.

In 2016, armed Robbers broke into my residence, robbed me of all my valuables and still beat me with a thick iron rod on my back bone, rendering my already bad and bent spine, worse. I’m in excruciating pains with shocking sensations; numbness; weakness from my waist down my legs.

I was diagnosed with “multilevel disc prolapse with spinal stenosis and nerve root compression; “lumbar spondylosis with discitis”

In 2017, I underwent a spinal decompression surgery in Nigeria but it was unsuccessful. I did a corrective surgery in 2018, with the intention of stabilising the spine with instrumentation, but I had crisis in the theatre; l had cardiac arrest, so the surgery was aborted.
It has left me with continuous pain. Sleep has eluded me. I’ve lived on drugs for almost 3 years now, and the drugs no more help with the pains. I can’t fend for myself and my family anymore. I am tired! This attack has crippled my life!

To avoid developing bowel and urinary incontinence and spending the rest of my life on a wheelchair, the hospital referred me to Herzliya Medical Center, Isreal for the surgery for “spinal decompression with instrumented fusion”

A proforma invoice from that hospital indicates I will need about 42090USD; about seventeen million naira (N17, 000,000. 00) for the surgery (minus flight tickets, carers, Hotel bills).

I am humbly appealing for financial assistance to be able to undergo this surgery in Isreal and get back my life.

Nothing is too small. Please help me get back my normal life. Please spare me this life of pain, misery and shame!

I just want to live!

Your generousity is much appreciated.

God bless you.
Itoro Lawrence Akpan.

My bank details:
Itoro Lawrence Akpan.

Contact Itoro Lawrence on:


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