Save A Life: An Update On Itoro Aitee-Lawrence (Part 4)

By Franklyn Isong

Happy Sunday my online friends. I pray this meets you in good health. I deem it necessary to give an update about Itoro’s case especially as people keep asking about her health condition.

Presently, Itoro went to Lagos, to see a team of neurologists that come in monthly from the USA and the UK to perform surgeries in Nigeria.

She has been undergoing series of tests, scans and x-rays for 2 weeks now.

Latest MRI results showed that though her lumbar spine (waist region) has serious issues, the issue in her cervical spine (neck) which controls both limbs, is life threathening and requires urgent attention, otherwise she might be totally paralysed for life!

Her friends, who formed AITEE LAWRENCE SUPPORT GROUP have paid in N4,770,000.00 into the hospital’s account as part payment for her surgery.

The tests, scans, xrays, MRIs etc cost about N410,700.00.

She still needs about N6.8million Naira to undergo both surgeries in Nigeria.

Aitee heartily appreciates all who contributed. I am constantly in touch with her. She feels loved, saying you all make her strong.

She prays God’s abundant blessings on you all and solicits your continued support and prayers.

I am appealing for financial assistance for her to be able to undergo these surgeries and get back my life.

Nothing is too small. Please help her get back my normal life. Please spare her this life of pain, misery and shame!

Let’s be our sister’s keepers.

Your generousity is much appreciated.

God bless you!

Bank details:
Itoro Lawrence Akpan.

Contact Itoro Lawrence on:

Have a blessed new month!

~ Franklyn Isong is a public affairs commentator and conscience of the society.


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