Dear Priscilla Forcha,

I may not have known you in person. But I was tagged to a post concerning your health.

I have followed comments and posts on your Facebook timeline with respect to your failing health condition. It is very touching.

I am calling on kindhearted Nigerians to come to your rescue. You must not be left to die on account of this health challenge. Nothing is too small to donate to save a life. Any amount will be appreciated!

It will gladdens our hearts to see Akwa Ibom State government through the ministry of Health take up the responsibility of your medical bills.

~Franklyn Isong


Save Prisca Forcha From kidney Failure

By Priscilla Emmanuel Forcha

My name is Priscilla Forcha, am suffering from chronic kidney failure and need a kidney transplant to survive.

I have been battling this ailment for 2 years and solicit public support to enable me have a better chance to survive and achieve my dreams.

My condition isn’t getting better even with regular dialysis and I depend on the help of others to move and survive.

Unfortunately, none of my family members is a match and as a result I have to buy a donor kidney to make living better. My hospital expenses are so much and have drained me but am hopeful and pray that humanity gives me a second chance at life.

I need 12 million naira ($31,000)for the transplant and donor fees. Am appealing to the general public and well meaning individuals to help me raise the funds needed .

Thank you and God bless!


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