As part of his organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility and show of concern to Nigerians in this trying period of rampaging coronavirus, the Chairman of INELS Group, Mr. Ifeanyi Nwankwo has warned Nigerians against depending solely on hand sanitisers as a measure to escape from coronavirus.

Mr. Nwankwo who is also a security expert shared vital information concerning the dreaded virus during a press briefing with newsmen in his office in Uyo.

While expressing his worries over the unpreparedness of medical institutions across the country to contend multiple cases of infection in eventuality of a spread of COVID-19, the business mogul who raised a lot of issues concerning the spate of purchase of hand sanitisers remind Nigerians that frequent washing of hands and maintaining of social distancing remains the best precautionary measures against the viral virus.

In his words, “I have observed people coming in to our malls across Nigeria to buy detergents and hand sanitisers, it is on that note that I decided to call this important meeting to share some vital information with Nigerians as a way of contributing to the good of the society in this trying period.

“Nigerians will agree with me that our relevant regulatory institutions are very weak. You will also agree with me that several times people have been caught producing antibiotic capsules with ordinary chalk, and these are people that know that even their relations can buy these drugs and consume. So if people can take such risk to produce antibiotics with mere chalk, how much more hand sanitizers in a panicky period like this?

Speaking further, Mr. Nwankwo warned that instead of using unreliable hand sanitisers, Nigerians and Akwa Ibom people should imbibe social distancing and frequent washing of hands to prevent contacting the dreaded virus.

“I want to tell people that they should not depend or rely on hand sanitisers. People are buying sanitisers like food, some come in here and buy five bottles and more without knowing whether it works or not.

“I insist that I have various sanitisers in my malls and I make profit from them, but I want to tell Nigerians especially my brothers and sisters in Akwa Ibom to be very careful because our agencies that should have supervised the production of some of these things are not strong enough, I am not the producer of the once I sell”.

He went ahead to share tips on how families can produce reliable sanitisers for family use, “So I suggest that each family can produce their own sanitisers by using ethanol with 70-80% alcohol, mix it with bleach (peroxide), salt and detol. These four items when mixed can wipe any germs from a surface. Don’t go and buy sanitizers you do not trust”, he advised.

Mr. Nwankwo also asked state governments that are yet to close schools and other gatherings to do so without further delay, as doing otherwise will endanger the lives of citizens in this period.


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