By Franklyn Isong

The major problem of Nigeria is basically its faulty constitution. When the media and the civil society groups fought for the return to democracy in Nigeria. This wasn’t the type of democracy we advocated for. Unfortunately, the military handed over a “civil rule” with a faulty foundation – the 1999 constitution, to us

For instance, the drama playing out in Edo State is a typical replica of a system of government by the few and for the few.’ How else would one describe the dominant roles vested on political parties by the 1999 constitution? Why would the 1999 constitution puts the fate of over 200 million Nigerians in the hands of a few cabal under the guise of political parties?

Until the 1999 constitution is amended to reduce the roles of political parties and introduce independent candidature, Nigeria will make no meaningful progress as a democratic nation it prides itself to be.

The other day, I raised a conversation on zoning. Zoning as it were, remains an evil creation of cabals in political party politics. Again, the avoidable political conflict in Edo State is caused by godfatherism. Godfatherism – a major enemy of democracy, is also a creation of political party.

I am an advocate for an end to dominant roles of political parties; I desire an extinction of zoning; I want a total halt to godfatherism. Let the electoral powers truly be vested on the masses and not a few political parties’ cabals, as it is currently being practiced.

Truth is, as it stands, no matter who you want, whoever the political parties’ cabals choose as their preferred candidates, are those that INEC will present to Nigerians on election day. Simply put, the parties decide who governs you and not your votes. This means on election day, your votes merely concur the choices made by the political parties’ cabals and godfathers. Very sad indeed!

~Isong is a public affairs commentator and conscience of the society.


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