By Udeme Etukeyen

Thirty three(33) remains one of the most outstanding numbers in all respects.
In numerology, it connotes Mastery; where intuition and dreams reach an entirely new orbit, where focus on humanitarian issues supercedes personal agenda.

Folks with 33° consciousness engage projects above mere practicability, the number requires full understanding before communication. It offers a time for deep thinking and recalibration.

In Biblical terms; 33 is tied to ones spiritual awareness and growth. It is embelishes the optimism, enthusiasm and angel confidence that inspires and ensures creativity-

Check this out; Jesus completed his physical sojourn at 33, 7Chapters of the new testament have 33verses, the word miracle is used 33times in the bible capturing the 33accomplished miracles of Christ, even David ruled Jerusalem for 33years and Solomons first temple stood 33yrs before it got pillaged.

The immortality of the number 33 captures Gods promise related to judgement laden with options for salvation, humanity and deeper consciousness in Christ

Angelic in all ramifications, 33 resonates with compassion, honesty, courage and divine inspiration.

From Alchemy to Nephilim all through various teachings, beliefs and practices, the number 33 stands out for many reasons; Shakespeare used 33 as the allegorical element tying human existence to spirituality. The United Nations has 33 sections surrounded by the olive branches, the 33rd degree is the highest level of attainment for some, the Vatican has 33 markers,humans bear 33 toe joints, 33 backbones and DNA value that captures the core of mans central system which drives energy, thoughts, coordination and direction…the list is deep and endless!

For Akwa Ibom, the euphoria felt 33yrs ago comes alive same time every year.
While some may have little recollection or find the promise or its essence fuzzy; the screams and shouts of joy across Calabar, Surulere, Ikeja and everywhere you had AK people resonated freedom, relief, passion and a greater desire to enjoy the envisaged benefits of a liberated people.

We recall how people trekked from Calabar to Uyo in that frenzy, for others the task was to build, organize and define the pathway to fulfilling the promise of State Creation.

For those of us who were teenagers and have enjoyed the benefit of God to see and contribute to those beautiful years of nurturing, current interceding and preparation of this land for Greater Fulfilment it remains a deep moment to see how far we have come, the different shades of leadership we experience, the growth and impact perceived or implemented and sometimes the concern for uncertain generations.

It is therefore with fulfilling joy that I share my prayers of “Promising fulfilment” to every household, community and endeavor of Government

I declare a higher dimension of the consciousness of Christ upon the land of Akwa Ibom

I speak peace, unity and immeasurable rising for all Akwa Ibom people

May this new season herald Giant strides and achievement on our judicious Governor HE Udom Emmanuel and the entire team as well as every other right thinking Akwa Ibom Father, Mother and Child in every nation or location in the name of God the Father, Christ the Saviour and the Holy Spirit…AMEN X 33!!







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