Uwemedimo Udo: Turning Uyo LGC Into A Construction Site

By Franklyn Isong

Held in an unusual traffic caused by movement of people in and out of Uyo Local Government Council Secretariat at Wellington BasseyWay, Uyo, on my return from Calabar en route Uyo Village Road, recently, I decided to stop over and find out what’s going on in there.

To my surprise, I noticed that the council secretariat had become a busy construction site with a lot of people being engaged either through direct labour, suppliers or contractors to the council, on the ongoing 27 Office Building Complex embarked upon by the newly inaugurated executive chairman, Dr. Uwemedimo Udo.

Uwemedimo Udo led council is less than three months but, the extent of work done on this project is amazing. If this project is completed and commissioned, Uyo Council Secretariat will have a facelift.

In spite of paucity of funds in the local government councils across the State, Uwemedimo Udo, once a good governance advocate and social critic, inherited the abandoned Office Complex at the level of less than 15% (percent) from his predecessor.

Comrade Udo has decided to complete the Complex as part of his first 100 days achievement in office.

Asked how the project is being funded when his counterparts in elsewhere local governments in Akwa Ibom are seemingly stuck in the excuses of lack of funds, Hon. Udo explained that it was not all about dependence on funding from Federal or State governments but, about being focused, determined, creative and innovative as a council chairman.

He stated that he was elected to render services to Uyo people rather than excuses, adding that, “I am making personal sacrifices while individuals, corporate organisations and friends of Uyo local government are also supporting the Office Complex project.”

This is very commendable. Anything short of this, yours truly would have been disappointed. I am proud of what Dr. Uwemedimo Udo is doing in Uyo as my follow Comrade who now sits at the other spectrum of the society.

I urge him to keep the pace of development and keep making his colleagues in the civil society proud.

~ Franklyn Isong is a public affairs commentator and conscience of the society


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