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Ever thought of an MBA program that is affordable and done entirely online?

If you have, the answer is Nexford University.

The global education system has been disrupted by advances in technology and innovations.

Nexford University, the next-generation online university has leveraged internet accessibility to provide quality and world-class education to people from different social strata around the globe.

On top of being rated the most innovative online education brand in the United States, NXU stands out in several other aspects.

Despite being a relatively new university, it is currently operating in more than 50 countries. In African continent, Nigeria is its launching pad.

One striking appeal of NXU, is the accelerated study option. Under the accelerated study option, you can speed up your studies and graduate for an MBA, as fast as within 5 months, depending on your ability. This is without compromising the standard.

NXU MBA curriculum reflects today’s business reality and embodies industry contents relevant to contemporary business and management practice, with a specialisation to extend your “bragging rights” in the business world.

With well-qualified professors and subject matter specialists handling each course, learners are supported by experienced faculty.

By the way, you pay an average of N75k a month for NXU MBA program. This to me, appears, the cheapest MBA program in the world when you compare the total tuition cost to other global universities.

While being an online university operated out of Washington DC, upon your graduation, you have the option of graduating in Nigeria as well as attending another graduation at the University’s Centre in Washington DC, United States.

Why not take the advantage of technology and add NXU MBA Certificate to your academic profile.


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