Open Letter to Sen Nelson Effiong
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However, as a concerned indigene of Oro Nation in South Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom state, it wasn’t only embarrassing on the sudden self exile of Chief Nelson Effiong in the upper red chambers of the National Assembly, but until yesterday when my childhood friend from Esit Eket based in Benouville, France arrived Nigeria spot out with me to axed on various deep discussion of national and state development until the most sensitive once of how, Senator Godswill Akpabio & Senator Bassey Albert tremendous contributions towards national development in the National Assembly as the first timer prompted Ikafia to punctured on Senator Nelson Effiong saying “Oron has the worst representative in senate this time around when he knows Oron people to be extremely vibrant, outspoken, unintimidated in all ramifications in the likes of Late Senator Victor Akan who silenced the senate as that time with power of his eloquence and wealth, but today Nelson is a big disappointment to Oro people and beyond.”

But our growing fatigue was apparent when also another friend boiled down on the issue of Sir Nelson muteness, thunderstruck by the news of his ineffective representation parsing his inefficient excuses on the speaker Sen. Bukola Saraki recently by not allowing him to contribute his quota to the house to have been the reasons of his legislative travesty and if so be the reason as he stated; the most frequent asked questions by the electorate are:
>Is Senator Akpabio & Bassey Albert not equally the same first timer in the house? So why the self-defence flimsy excuses that sound so emptied?

>Chief Senator Nelson Effiong, please permit me to asked; does it mean that, the camera during the plenary sessions often lie by not even picking your present at the chambers even though, you don’t have anything to contribute on?

Consequently, coming to think from another angle of discussion, the consequences of most trivial inconsequential representative is as a result of party choice or imposition of such candidate by the elite forcefully on the people, thereby resulting in these MINUS-ONE moon light play of a tortoise and a squirrel which Chief Nelson Effiong characterised.

Hitherto, as Ogaga Ifowodo of the Civil Liberties Organisation will put it; “A society built and oiled on the rule of man will not long endure, the fruits reaped by respect for the rule of law is based on stability,efficient administration, effective representation, economic progress and satisfaction amongst the citizens” therefore, as the foundation was wrong about Chief Nelson Effiong emergence as the senate flag-bearer, so has he continue to displayed the discordant tunes of self representations, dormant and acting like an unable Phoenix in hot ashes to the people of Oro, South Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom state.

Senator, Nelson Effiong please I urged you to ARISE from SLUMBER to your erudite responsibility, Amen.

By Emmanuel ESIO


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