By Franklyn ISONG

Itoro Lawrence

About this time yesterday, October 7, 2019, I wrote a piece on Ms Itoro Lawrence, a broadcaster with the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC), that is still trending. Ms Lawrence is in dire need of funds for urgent medical attention abroad to stay alive. She has contributed a lot for the betterment of our society as a broadcaster and it is time for the society to reciprocate by contributing financially to keep her alive.

Edidiong Nsima

No sooner had I dropped Itoro’s piece online that I received an inbox message from an online friend, drawing my attention to the fate of a dying young man, Edidiong Nsima. I was referred to Edidiong Nsima’s Facebook timeline and I promised to also join the public campaign to solicit for funds for his medical attention.

Today, October 8, 2019, I am happy to read from my friend, Ata Ikiddeh, that a donation has been received from Obong Nsima U. Ekere, the immediate past Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to facilitate the medical treatment of Edidiong Nsima.

Ikiddeh’s article titled; “OBONG NSIMA EKERE, THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO SAVE EDIDIONG NSIMA’S LIFE!” is published on his Facebook timeline via:

As the conscience of the society and one who has launched a “Save A Life Campaign” for Itoro Lawrence, I join Ata Ikiddeh and the family of Edidiong to thank Obong Nsima U. Ekere for his patriotism, kind-heartedness, and show of empathy for humanity and mankind.

Like Ikiddeh, I pray God to continue to bless Nsima Ekere and many other patriotic Akwa Ibomites of his kind.

While I passionately plead with Nigerians and public spirited Akwa Ibomites to donate for the urgent medical treatment of both Edidiong Nsima and Itoro Lawrence to save their lives.

See details:
*Itoro Lawrence.
Bank details:
Itoro Lawrence Akpan.
Account Number – 1020207484.
Phone Number: 08032668809.

*Edidiong Nsima
Bank details:
First Bank Nigeria PLC,
Account number – 3115621469.
Nsima, Edidiong Udo.
Phone number: +234 817 917 3122

~Isong is a public affairs commentator and conscience of the society


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